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"Downscaling" the buzz word for Pacific Met services across the region

"This is a new area for our Pacific Met Services, it not only empowers us but it is also a pioneering opportunity for us in the region," – Sunny Seuseu, SPREP.

18 July 2016, Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Pacific met officers are learning more about how to 'downscale' climate and weather forecasts using a computer based programme in the Cook Islands this week.

'Downscaling' is when forecasts can be specific to a certain village, district or weather station as opposed to a whole nation or region.

Pacific islanders to benefit from computer based programs for their Met Services

18 July 2016, Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Fifteen Pacific Island Met Services across the region were gifted laptops to help strengthen their forecasting abilities using new 'downscaling' climate prediction software which will help provide weather and climate forecasts for Pacific island communities.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in partnership with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Climate Center is embarking on the regional Met project Korea-Pacific Climate Prediction Project (ROKPI-CLIPS).

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