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Our Services

The Cook Islands Met Office is dedicated in providing you with the latest weather updates and forecasts for the Northern and Southern Cook Islands. We are your weather experts 24 hours a day.

Daily Weather Bulletin

Source of Cook Islands daily weather information, alerts and warnings updated 3 times a day.

Tidal Prediction

Predicted tides for selected areas in Cook Islands. A tide prediction can differ from the actual sea level that will be observed as a result of the tide. Predicted tidal heights are those expected under average weather conditions.

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery is the main observational data source for diagnosis and early forecast of synoptic development over the ocean, where convection can produce bad weather with high impact on the marine activities.

Weather Map

Map of atmospheric conditions in the Southwest Pacific Region.

Climate Update

Climate conditions for the next 3 months

Rarotonga Rainfall

Daily rainfall collected in Cook Islands Rarotonga Meteorology Office.